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Dominik Kandravy

Dominik Kandravy

Interdisciplinary designer & Illustrator

Interdisciplinary designer & Illustrator

Over the past 7 years, I have collaborated with clients spanning the globe, assisting them with diverse projects, including everything from brand identity to 2D and 3D illustrations, icon design, product design, UX, and UI.

In terms of my design philosophy, I feel like I embody two contrasting identities:

One that values precision and simplicity, placing great importance on functionality in design, and recognizing that aesthetics alone won't suffice.

On the contrary, the other persona enjoys pushing boundaries with unconventional ideas, daring designs, and eccentricity.

So, which side of the spectrum resonates with you?

Clients: Ernst & Young, Swisspreneur, Switzerland Tourism, O2, Ceska Sporitelna, CSOB, Ceske Drahy, Prisma, Rockaway Capital, PC Financial...

Let's collaborate: hello@heyiam.dk

Let's collaborate: